Advice 1: How to wash the faded things

Failure to follow the instructions on the clothing label lead to her shedding during washing. Most often sheds new things that have been washed the first time. In order to avoid this, you can buy special wipes that are started along with the Laundry and in the case of molting, draw the paint into itself, and let the color of other things. But you can buy them only in specialty shops household that receive goods from abroad. If you shed thing, don't despair, its original appearance can be restored.
How to wash the faded things
Try immediately to wash the thing. Can increase hot water to 40-60 degrees, the thing can wrinkle, but should wash out. This method of removal of undesired paint from clothing valid only in the case that thing shed from another.
Colored things soak in stain remover. Stain should be marked "Color". Dilute it in water in accordance with the instructions in the manual. Soak the thing for 30 minutes, then wash it as usual.

For whites, use bleach labeled "Wait". The white stuff can be left soaked for 2-4 hours. After that they are very easy to clean.
Colored things soak in hot water with ammonia. Proportion: 2 bottles of alcohol in 5 liters of water. After 1 hour wash it.

For whites, alcohol and ammonia water, add 100 gr. hydrogen peroxide.
If all your attempts to wash the thing was not successful – contact the dry cleaning. You may be able to help wash out faded thing.
Useful advice
New things wash separately from the others. Please note the colour of water after washing, if water is colorless, then the next time you can wash the thing with other things.

Advice 2 : How to wash linen pants

Linen clothing is gaining popularity and prevalence. It is particularly relevant in the hot season, as it allows the skin to breathe. In order for linen things for as long as possible pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to provide them proper care.
How to wash linen pants
Carefully inspect the label on the pants, indicating how it is possible to clean the product. If there is a mark about one way - the dry cleaner, you must seek the assistance of professionals. With self-washing of these pants they risk to ruin the fabric can "sit" or shed.
In cases where washing products allowed to remove pollutants from linen pants can be home alone. The most acceptable variant hand wash linen things. If the pants need to be washed in a washing machine, select delicate wash, and use a special bag for clothes. Linen garments can be washed in water whose temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise slight shrinkage of the product. Len is very wrinkled, so the spin cycle in a washing machine is not highly recommended. After this procedure, ironed pants will be extremely difficult.
If the water in which you plan to wash linen products, tough enough to add to her special emollients or a small amount of lemon juice or citric acid.
Hand-washing clothes in advance dissolve a small amount of powder in a basin of water. Then gently wash the pants. Pressing Flaxseed product is not necessary. Allow to drain excess water, shake strongly and clothes hang out to dry.
Erasing colored linen pants, use a special detergent, suitable for washing colored linen. It will keep the brightness and color saturation, as it does not contain bleaching particles that can lead to the fact that the clothes are shed.
When washing white linen pants, on the contrary, stop your choice on the powder white linen. Whitening ingredients will give clothes kipelno shade and carefully removed all the contamination.
Stain from tea, coffee, chocolate or fruit juice with the pants you can display by wiping it with water mixed with a small amount of ammonia, vinegar and vodka. The blood stain as soon as possible to autolocate under cold water and blot grease stains with a cotton swab soaked in ammonia.
Outwrite pants when they are still slightly damp. The dried fabric thoroughly impossible to smooth out.
Useful advice
Dry linen pants outdoors or on the balcony. Thoroughly spread the product on the rope, so there are no creases of fabric. In this case, ironed the fabric will be much easier.
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