You will need
  • - alcohol tincture of Arnica;
  • - garlic;
  • - vinegar;
  • - concoctions.
As soon as possible after injury provide first aid. Make sure he gets complete rest, and on the chest apply a cold compress or an ice pack. The cold will reduce swelling and bleeding. If you use an ice pack every 5 minutes it add a new batch of ice. All the package change every quarter of an hour, such manipulations continue for two hours or until the arrival of the ambulance. If as a compress use hot water bottle with cold water, water change every 3 minutes.
Call an ambulance, check to see if you affected treatment in hospital. In the absence of medical care for severe injuries of the chest are possible severe complications, including fatal. Minor external symptoms do not always show the real condition of the victim.
Give the victim to take any painkillers.
If the doctor says that perhaps self-treatment, continue to apply cool compresses for the first day. Change them as they heat. Prepare these packs on their own or purchase special packages at the pharmacy.
On the second day start warm: warm baths, lotions and compresses. They will help to relieve possible swelling and to get rid of bruises.
Purchase at the pharmacy alcohol tincture of Arnica. If there is an injury abrasion, use undiluted solution or dilute tincture with water 1:10.
RUB the injury site following infusion. Two heads shalt pour 1/2 tablespoon 6% vinegar and let stand for a day, shaking from time to time. RUB the place of injury for the night.
For getting rid of bruises and swelling use the real stuff. To do this, 2 tbsp concoctions, mix with half amount of water and apply to the injury site, covering the top with a clean cloth. Change the lotion 2-3 times a day.
If after 4 days, pain at rest did not pass, but only intensified, again contact the doctor.
In that case, when the pain doesn't goes through 18-20 days after injury, immediately go to the clinic.