You will need
  • -painkillers;
  • -the set for the production of an enema;
  • -the ship;
  • -healing ointment.
It is important to know that the care of patients with a hip fracture requires certain skills, and not everyone will be able to handle it. Try to create a close person the most comfortable conditions of stay as him for a long time will have to be bedridden.
Remember that the main issue of a hip fracture are constant pain. In some cases, the pain is sharp, sometimes gentle. So give the patient adequate pain relief, he received a temporary respite. Preferably at night use injections of pain-relieving drugs, as they are more effective. During the day it's better to use the pills. With the aim of pain relief you can also apply a special massage – light stroking motion directed from the foot to the body. It will help to reduce venous stasis in the injured foot, which greatly increases the pain.
You should bear in mind that another problematic issue with hip fracture is the occurrence of bedsores (necrosis of soft tissues). In most cases they occur in places of contact of the patient with the sacrum and the heel of the damaged leg. In this regard, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the victim's body with the bed linen in order to begin treatment. Remember that immobility is the primary cause of diaper rash and pressure sores. So, at least occasionally, lift the patient by giving rest to the sacrum. The application of healing ointments and frequent linen change will significantly improve the condition of the victim.
Do not worry if the first few days after the fracture, the patient will have urinary incontinence. With proper care, this problem is quickly resolved. Don't limit fluid intake to victims, it is fraught with unpleasant consequences. The optimal rate of drinking per day should be about 1.5 liters.
It is important to know that due to long lying and limiting the amount of consumed fluid in the injured person atony of the intestine, promoting bowel movement problematic. To improve the functioning of the intestines include in the diet of the patient olive oil and dairy products. However, in most cases, still have to do an enema. Buy medical supply store, a convenient vessel, type of boat, which will greatly facilitate the carrying out of an intimate process after delivered enema.