Get on the site a family of hedgehogs. These cute prickly animals are natural enemies of snakes and can quickly deliver them to your site. I wonder what hedgehogs become particularly aggressive after taking alcohol. So a small saucer of beer will raise the morale of the fighters with snakes.
Самые толстые змеи
To deal with creeping enemies help a special dog breed – the Airedale Terrier. These aggressive animals are caught and strangled and snakes, and vipers, so that the problem can be resolved soon. However, be careful that the dog didn't bite the neighbours, for example, put a muzzle on her. By the way, an ordinary cat can also start a war with the snakes. It can smother the pest and to bring it to the owners as a trophy.
Какие змеи считаются неядовитыми
Destroy seats that are suitable for snake nests, dense thickets of grass, heaps of garbage heaps or fallen trees, abandoned leaves and piles of leaves. Snakes are also favourite places: the compost pit, stumps, driftwood, dung heaps, piles of garden tools. To avoid bites when carrying out works on cleaning the territory, wear thick gloves and rubber boots.
как содержать змей
Fight small rodents: moles, mice, rats. It is the food of snakes, and if you reduce the mouse population, the snakes themselves leave the area from lack of feed.
Snakes do not like very much the swing of burnt rubber and scorched areas at all. Before the start of the summer season in the country burn a car tire and protect yourself from reptiles. Thus observe fire safety measures.
If you believe that snakes a bit, you can try to hunt. Lure them with milk and try to destroy any possible means, observing security measures. It may be inhumane, but we are talking about the health of you and your children.
If you are bitten by a snake, drink plenty of fluids, try to suck the poison out. Contact a medical facility where you will be injected with a special anti-typhoid serum.