Useful properties of hula hoops

Exercises with a Hoop can help fight excess weight without discomfort. It's a nice, relaxing cardio exercise that adds vivacity.

The Hoop allows you to save money, time and effort. No need to visit the gym or fitness, is sufficient for twenty-thirty minutes to spin the hula hoops of music. First results with regular rotation of the Hoop appear after three to four weeks, allowing even the most impatient people to continue training and to improve the result.

Wrap effect on problem zones and strengthens your abdominal muscles, making them elastic and flat. After the rotation of the Hoop, the skin is smoothed, becomes outwardly more healthy and smooth
Not worth it during class to watch TV or talk on the phone. Concentrate on the sensations. It is believed that physical activity "casually" lose half of its utility.

The rotation of the Hoop normalizes functioning of internal organs. If there are problems in the reproductive system, doctors often recommends supplementing treatment with exercise with a Hoop. In addition, the rotation of the Hoop (especially useful massage hula) normalizes the work of intestines, improves the functions of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

Hoop helps to strengthen the muscular corset, it is important for the spine. We can say that the rotation of the Hoop is good for the posture. Wrap well coached vestibular apparatus, develops coordination, develops strength and flexibility of muscles, but also improves a sense of rhythm. Of course, all this is happening, if you are doing the exercises correctly.

To rotate the Hoop correctly, stand with your feet close to each other, extend hands in the parties. Start rotating the Hoop soft, calm movements. Do not pull - this will damage the spine.

Do these exercises in the morning on an empty stomach, after exercise will not eat a couple of hours. The intensity and complexity of the lessons increases gradually, enough to start five minutes of class.

If you want to make narrower the waist, move in a circle only in the region of the belt, the rib cage and the pelvis should remain in place. This will increase the load several times. During the rotation of the Hoop strain of the abdominal muscles, so the effect will be much better.
If you're used to serious loads, the rotation of the Hoop, is likely to be for you not too effective.

Harmful classes

The Hoop can cause damage if you incorrectly train. For example, will begin to engage with too heavy a Hoop. To complement the exercises it is desirable an adequate diet. If you eat too much sweet and fat, your exercises will not bring you the desired result.