You will need
  • shapewear Hoop.
Eat little but often. Balanced nutrition is the key to slimness and health. Even the most hard workout without it can not give the desired effect. The main principle of power should be not reducing the quality of food and types of food consumed, and to increase the number of meals and reducing the amount of servings. It is important to remember that a lack of vitamins and minerals will negatively affect your health. Definitely need to give up junk food – hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, meals in restaurants and fast food outlets.
Do special exercises. There are several sets of exercises on the removal of fatty deposits in the upper abdomen. For example, the most common method is the bench press from a prone position. To complicate the exercise, you can use an inclined Board, which puts the sofa or the wall. In this case, the feet are above the head and to raise the body required to exert more effort.
Use shapewear. Can be purchased at the specialized stores waist corset, or a combination. These devices will help "clean" the stomach when using them. If they are worn daily, after some time to keep the stomach "in itself" will become a habit.
Use a Hoop. Torsion of the Hoop on the waist cannot be called exercise, directly cleaning it is the "upper" stomach. But this activity eliminates fat in the belly area, training his muscles. Accordingly, an ugly tummy tuck "go". By the way, the wrap will not allow the appearance of sagging and stretched skin after weight loss.