Upcoming changes

That all changed in November 2013. The deputies decided introduced a bill under which any person applying to manage the scooter needs to get right. Imposed an age limit at 16 years of age.

It is worth saying that this is a necessary measure, because on Russian roads can sometimes be a lot of accidents is the fault of the scooter. And of all the drivers of scooters in the event of an accident is almost always biased. Considered to have no rights – hence, traffic rules are not know. Drivers of a scooter in the near future will be required to have a license category "M" which they must produce on demand of a traffic police. To get the right scooter right now is to finish the courses. Tuition fee – 800 rubles. Most likely, when the bill will come into force, the cost of courses will increase. After completion of training, the driver of the scooter will have to pass a comprehensive exam in the traffic police on the knowledge of theory, layout and gestures of the traffic controller the traffic, etc.

However, today the bill is before the Duma, and it is unknown when wishing to ride the scooter will have to acquire the rights to it. Today finalized the regulatory framework for the rights of the category "M" scooter. According to the rules of the road, today's scooter is not a motor vehicle, as any changes on this issue in the SDA has not yet made. That is now allowed to operate a scooter without a license.

However, already determined the penalty for driving a scooter without a license – 800 rubles. Also soon expected to introduce penalties for driving the vehicle while intoxicated.

Than justified such measures

Can you relate to these measures, but the fact that most of the scooter do not know or deliberately ignore the rules of the road, is pointless to deny. In addition, many "craftsmen" managed to increase the engine power of a scooter, so that it becomes dangerous for all road users – drivers and pedestrians.

If the volume of motor scooters not exceeding 50 cubic cm, then the rights to such a machine to not have to.These are the current rules. In addition, to go on a scooter would be only wearing on his head a protective helmet.

If you already have rights to a motorcycle or moped, to obtain an additional scooter do not have.