To begin, select a fabric for the future jumpsuitand, not too dense cloth.
Build a pattern, after removing the desired measurements. But in building patterns, there is one small caveat - draw a separate top and separate bottom. And later, in the process of sewing, they are connected. To connect the parts, you can use gum. You can also use the special buttons or buttons. But you can just sew them together, making the insert for the belt.
When building a pattern, consider the location of pockets, zippers, or buckles, seat belt. Also, it is desirable that the overalls were not you tight, and sat freely, since there may be some discomfort during the walk.
The bodice of the Romperand can be with straps or without. The straps, in turn, can connect on the neck or crossed at the back. The bottom of the jumpsuitand can be different. It can be pants or shorts various forms.
Cutting fabric, the edges of each object with a serger or zigzag seam.
Baste all the parts together, and then stitch on the sewing machine. Treat hem. Sew pockets.
And the last step is decorating the product. You can sew a variety of rhinestones, embroidery or applique. Let's get fancy!Your jumpsuit is ready. Remember, not every woman dare to wear a jumpsuit, but one that still will do it, will catch many admiring glances.