You will need
  • - a powerful sewing machine with thick needles;
  • leather;
  • - a strong thread;
  • - hardware: zippers, rivets, buckles, etc.;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Find the right skin - it may be an old leather coat or other garment. Buy in the store or fight back from old jackets accessories – metal zippers, buckles, rivets, buttons. In addition, you will need a good strong sewing machine, as many modern machines can't sew the skin in several layers, and a reliable thick needle and thread.
Find the pattern jackets. If she failed, make the pattern yourself based on photos or old jackets. Use one of his songs, cutting first the main details of the backrest, shelf, sleeves. Then divide them in accordance with the model apart. Front zip, move to the side, and it needs to capture the lower part of the fold-over collar.
On the sleeves of jackets provide a cuff, the same band let the bottom of the jacket. The back will separate at the yoke and the main part. Close the shoulder seams stripes or straps.
When all the items are cut, cleave them together with safety pins without going over the weld line, perpendicular to the seam. In any case, not metyvit the details of the thread as usual - they will leave marks on the skin.
When stitching is completed, lay allowances in different directions, otestujete a wooden mallet, flatten and with a special adhesive glue from the inside. If you need additional stitching, adjust the foot so that it lay exactly on the edge and focusing on it, sew a seam (not smetana).
When stitching thick places, like the corners of the collar, proceed in the following way. First shivaite as usual, then trim the excess. Iron will ironed the seam and turn. Shape with your hands and repel the thickness of the hammer, ironed with a rolling pin. Again iron.
Prostrochite details manually without thread, to get holes. Then go back again and sew with a thread. Such a precaution is necessary so that the seam was smooth above and below. Additionally, pull the upper thread by hand, for control.