First aid in thermal burns of 2nd degree

Signs of thermal burns of 2nd degree are: swelling, redness of tissue, the appearance of large blisters, filled with fluid (blood plasma). This area of skin can become a source of infection, because in any case can not be touched, and the more open bubbles. When you receive a thermal burn of 2 degrees should be set to cool the affected area of the skin. For this you need to hold it under running cold water for 10-20 minutes or apply cold water soaked clean cloth. To the wound do not apply ice. After cooling should be applied to the damaged area of the burn ointment or spray and apply a sterile bandage from the bandage. Most effective products containing chloramphenicol, vitamin E, sea buckthorn oil and other active substances conducive to rapid recovery of tissues.

If the wound got any foreign body, should immediately consult the doctor for taking measures for the prevention of tetanus. You can't smear the burn with aloe Vera juice, sour cream, butter, kefir, homemade ointments, any alcoholic liquors and other folk remedies. Contraindicated to treat the wound coloring solutions (brilliant green, potassium permanganate, iodine), in this case, the doctor will not be able to accurately determine the degree of the burn. However, the skin around the wound need to treat. If first aid is rendered in time and correctly, 2nd degree burn can be cured within 1-1,5 weeks.

How to treat thermal burns degree

For small lesions a valid treatment of burns of 2 degrees at home. It includes daily change of the sterile bandages, treatment of wounds with ointment, treatment of the wound edges with brilliant green or iodine. For the treatment of 2nd degree burns most often in this case, use "Panthenol", "Levomethamphetamine", "Germain", "Sintomitsinovoy emulsion", "Lifeguard", "Olazol", "Solcoseryl". Primary bandage is not changed for 6-8 days. When ligation is necessary to use only sterile bandage. The person that handles the wound should be wearing medical gloves. If the bandage is stuck to the wound, it is moistened with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and gently remove in a minute.

If the wound is beginning to suppurate, replace the ointment on a wet antiseptic solutions (furatsilin, chlorhexidine). The 2nd degree burns can be treated without armband in the absence of pus and the creation of optimal conditions for regenerative processes in the wound. In this case, use the aerosols with film-forming polymers ("Godwinson", "Poroplast", "Lifuzol", "Amatol", "Acrilasa, etc.). The film protects the burn from infection, facilitates the monitoring process.