What is a Trustee

A Trustee is the person or organization representing the interests of other citizens at their request. A Trustee is a natural person who can represent the interests of the running for Deputy in the electoral campaign or another political process.

A Trustee can be an organization or the citizen which act as a disinterested executor of the estate of the bankrupt. The main task of such a Trustee is the distribution of property in accordance with all legal norms. These powers of a natural person or an organization, gives the arbitration court or the creditors.

The Trustee may represent the interests of another person and act according to those interests. But this type of representation must be legally certified by a notary, otherwise the official status that the Trustee will not have.

Types of powers of attorney

Any Trustee must be executed according to the law, to have the right to fully represent his client's interests. The power of attorney is a legal entity and has a different physical structure. But most often a trusted person acts as a private citizen.

Powers of attorney come in two types: power of attorney issued by the organization and powers of attorney issued to a natural person. Types of power of attorney form her types. There are three types of powers of attorney: General, special and single. The objective pursued by the principal, determines the type of proxy. In order to avoid incidents or misconduct, the attorney spell out explicitly what the structure, what authority and for what purpose the Trustee will represent the interests of the principal.

Power of attorney – covers the entire area of operations of the client and suitable for both businesses and individuals. the Special power of attorney issued to the attorney to perform certain actions in a certain period of time. With this power of attorney the Trustee will be able to produce a representation in a specialized organ and to sign a uniform deal. Special power of attorney is more appropriate for legal attorneys.

One time letter of attorney is issued to perform a single action or transaction, then loses its validity. This is not very practical and convenient for legal entities, so you would prefer that your attorney was an individual.

The power of attorney issued for the period desired by the principal, but not more than three years. In some cases a notary you can submit the assignment.