You will need
  • Potato starch
  • Half sheet of drawing paper or cardboard
  • Blank
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Utensils — large to cook paste, and a little to dilute the starch.
Prior to starch the cloth or cap, prepare the disc. For wipes, it would just be a sheet of paper or cardboard. Put on his napkin, unfold it and trace along the contour. Draw the main elements of the weaves. For hats make a wooden or metal disc. It should be round and match the size of the crown. Put a hat on a pig. Put the disc on a sheet of Whatman, so that it was possible to circle the field. If the pot is too high, the field must be raised. In this case it is better to use thick cardboard. Draw a circle around the pot and field hat, cut a round hole. Put it on a CD and attach them to lay horizontally. It is possible for cardboard to put something. For curtains nothing like you need to do.
Prepare a solution of starch. To gently starched curtains, take 1 tablespoon of starch in 1 litre of water. For tough handling, the concentration of starch should be doubled. Mix starch powder in a little cold water. The weak solution you can add a little washing blue. Solution mix thoroughly. Pre-heat the water according to the proportion. Bring it to a boil and pour it starch solution. Stir thoroughly Until boiling starch can not communicate.
Let the paste cool slightly. Dip into it for a few minutes the product. Hat it is desirable to place so that it did not wrinkle. Cloth blinds can be crushed. Blinds need to be ironed as soon as you get it from starch, any additional surgery for soft processing is not necessary.
Lay the napkin on a prepared sheet of drawing paper and unfold. The form must exactly match the silhouette on the paper. Line weave is indicated on the sheet by points. Put a napkin on paper. Let it dry for iron, paving from the paper and remove the paper.
Hat put on disc and pin field, the pins just as you did with the napkin. The line of the weave must match, and the hat — strictly to keep the shape. Field iron iron through the fabric, and the crown is to be dried in the dryer.