You will need
  • Iron, hair conditioner, soap, ammonia, turpentine
Liberally spray the thing with water and then iron through a damp cloth, gently pulling the product to the desired size. The main condition is to dry the thing in this way, otherwise it will again "sit".
Contact the dry cleaner where we take things for recovery. Your product is stretched on a special mannequin, and the steam will straighten to the correct size. It is noteworthy that the steam comes directly from the dummy. Get ready because this will cost you a tidy sum. But keep in mind that not all products lend themselves to such effects.
If a favorite sweater of the village quite a bit, wash it in warm water with added conditioner. Gently arrange things shape while it's still wet and lay it on a flat surface for natural drying.
Matted after a failed washing wool thing you can try to fix by several methods. Wash the product in water, where a few hours were regular soaked beans, then easily press. The second method is: prepare a mixture of 10 liters of soapy water, 3 tablespoons of ammonia and 1 tablespoon turpentine. In this mixture soak the thing for a day and then rinse in cool water.