Advice 1: How to make wool softer

Knitted items made of natural wool valued at all times and continue to be held in high esteem. It is believed that the wool should be barbed, as it has the property of reflexology. It is useful for people with kidney disease and the liver and is also recommended for people with vascular dystonia. But not everyone likes to wear spiky things, especially the children. So how to soften the coat at home?
How to make wool softer
You will need
  • mustard powder;
  • - salt;
  • - vinegar;
  • powder for hair;
  • - fabric softener;
  • - glycerin;
  • - balm for hair.
If you decide to associate or buy a new wool sweater, pay special attention to the material of its manufacture. The most prickly products are homemade from wool, that is, its own production. Same factory the wool softer, as used in the development of technological methods, that it is less chopped. The barbed is considered to be sheep's wool, as it is covered with small scales, which scratch the skin. Banal Allergy can cause skin irritation during wear woolen clothes.
If your sweater is outrageously itchy then have two choices: grit my teeth and to train your nervous system or to try to soften the wool product, what to do is very difficult. Will not help and a simple steaming of wool with a hot iron, it may also lose its original shape. But there are a few of my grandmother's ways that will help you to soften the wool thing.
Take a handful of fresh mustard powder and dissolve in a basin of warm water. Place the wool product, and how it should rinse. Then rinse in clean water and squeeze lightly. Recommended to dry in a horizontal position and carefully straightened the wool thing.
Add in water to wash the wool one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of vinegar (per 10 liters of water). Can replace the salt and vinegar in the usual glycerin (you can buy at any pharmacy), in this case, leave the sweater soaked in the solution for 30 minutes. After this, thoroughly rinse the product in a large amount of warm and clean water.
Try to wash a wool product in the solution of special detergent, designed specifically for wool, for example, take means "Weasel" or "Cashmere". During rinsing, be sure to add any conditioner or softener. You can also use hair conditioner, it will help you to soften the wool. And remember, with each washing it will become softer, so do not expect the desired result immediately.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of cat hair

Many owners of cats discomfort shedding fur of your pet. And sometimes to deal with this problem is quite difficult. Especially annoying when the hair gets on clothes, because to get rid of it extremely difficult. But even in such cases, you should not give up, because there are many ways to remove the hair in the house.
How to get rid of cat hair
From the first days of a kitten in the apartment necessary as often as possible dry and wet cleaning, otherwise soon the whole house will be filled with wool. If you have the apartment has carpets, then they definitely need to clean out as a simple brush and a special nozzle, which is installed on the vacuum cleaner. In order to remove the hair from furniture it first need to be cleaned out with a brush and then wipe with a damp cloth. Floors thoroughly washed because they are wool the most difficult to notice. Special attention when cleaning, pay the corners, because they often collects all of cat's fur.
In addition to furniture and carpets from the cat's fur suffer more. To protect your wardrobe, you can purchase special bags or pouches. Also on clothes, you can hold with wet hands or sticky roller (it is sold in any specialty store).
But first, it is important to properly care for animals. From childhood accustomed to the regular combing the cat will quite happily respond to the care of his hair. Otherwise, grown up and accustomed to brushing pet is extremely aggressive will react to this procedure, and all you'll get – scratched hands. In pet stores offers a huge range of combs and accessories for animal care that will help make brushing more safe and painless. Much easier to comb a cat together: one person holds and reassures the animal, while the second quickly undertake this procedure. As a result, the pet will experience significantly less stress and you will feel confident and calm.
It is especially important to care for an animal during the moulting period. During this time, the cat should be brushed at least twice a week and regularly remove the dead hairs wet palms. The animal shed less, he needs to find the right daily diet. In stores you will find special food and vitamins that will help the growth of good, soft and healthy fur. And in the summer you can mow your pet, not only will this reduce your troubles at home, but also help your pet comfortable through this time.
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