First we need to know what material is made this thing to your wardrobe. If the sweater is made of cotton or another material that is not dissolved, it can be a little to alter or to decorate accessories. Such things are often stretched, so stretched sweater you can gather belt, or a large brooch. Suturing can be your own home or to give to the Studio. The work is simple, so you can quite handle on your own.
Winter in our cold country, so many probably have woolen sweaters. Wool is a very finicky material. She can sit up and stretch. Many young Housewives do not know that the woolen things to be afraid of machine washing and sit in the hot water. So if your wool sweater sat down after the washing steps should be taken as soon as you found out. While the sweater is wet, stretch it with your hands, and put to dry on the table, pre-zastelil table with a towel. When the sweater dries out a bit, give it the desired shape (somewhere podrastanija, somewhere podsobit), then heat the iron and iron the sweater over a wet gauze, in order to fix the shape. Then you just have to wait and hope that the sweater will take your original form and you will be at the time. The second option is to return the form to the stranded sweater is to dry it myself. As soon as you got it out of the car pull it to yourself, this method will bring you a lot of inconvenience, but most likely vishnovsky sweater will take the shape of your body.
If a wool sweater stretched, it needs to be washed in hot water. Not to overdo with the result, wash better by hand. So often the jerseys stretch sleeve, in this case, grab a bowl of water for about 30 degrees, and next place the saucepan with the boiling water. Lower sleeve sweater in a basin and gradually increase the temperature of the water, adding the boiling water. Thus, it is easy to plant the stretched sleeves. Also a wool sweater can dissolve and bandage, then it will look like new.
If your sweater not to sit in hot water so its composition added to synthetic materials. Things made from artificial materials like acrylic or synthetic, is impossible to revive. In this case, you will have to just suck it up and buy a new sweater.