You will need
  • - notebook for writing in cursive with slanted lines
  • - convenient ball pen
Sit up straight, keep your back straight, lean on the back of a chair. Place your hands so that the elbows were over the edge of the table and did not touch its surface. Put the front of the notebook so that the bottom right part of the leaf was higher than the left; that is, the leaves will be inclined in relation to the upper part of the table. The slanted lines in the notebook helps to keep a notebook with the letter of the correct position: lines should be perpendicular to the nearest side of the table top. Hold the paper with the left hand. The light should fall on the left.
Take a pen so that it was lying in the middle of the middle finger. Top hold the handle with the forefinger, and the left - great. Much handle do not squeeze. While writing lean on the little finger bent into the palm. Install the arm so that the distance from the index finger to the tip of the rod was approximately 2 centimeters.
For letters, choose not too big and not too short handle. The handle should not be too thin or thick in diameter. The handle should not be of faces, as this creates additional effort when writing. Particularly easy writing pen with gel ink pen.
In the letter, guided by the slanted lines in the notebook - the vertical part of the letter should be parallel. When writing the vertical lines of the letters press the handle stronger, and when writing of the remaining parts of the letters - is weaker.