Advice 1: How to write uppercase English letters

As parents and teachers of English at school, often question how to write uppercase English letters. The problem came about due to the fact that in English-speaking countries, many children and even adults have been writing printed or propekanie letters, and teachers in Russia continue to teach children writing calligraphy.
How to write uppercase English letters
You will need
  • - handle;
  • paper;
  • are.
If you think that in the age of universal computerization to waste precious school hours on learning the recipe is not worth it, write in block letters. Thus ensure that the distance between the letters of one word was minimal, as the printed letters are not connected to each other and often the text is impossible to read due to the fact that intervals within a word is greater than the distance between the words. Each letter write together, not separating parts of letters, for example, the letter should not look like a I 3, otherwise it will be difficult to understand what is written. Keep in mind that writing all letters by a printing method significantly increases the time for writing a text, except if the child will only write printed letters, it simply will not be able to read handwritten texts or electronic simulation of handwriting.
To learn to write English quickly, clearly and beautifully, learn to write uppercase letters in cursive. To do this, use samples of writing in a notebook or print out, for example, from the site. Practice joining of letters, words write without lifting the pen, due to this and increases the speed of writing. Special requirements to small letters there, so you can choose the type of letter or even come up with their own special letters (of course, they should all understand). Remember that the letter promotes development of fine motor skills and is helpful for the overall development, besides, calligraphy is neat and beautiful handwriting always highly appreciated.
Uppercase letters
Polypropene font combines the advantages and uppercase, and printed, so use it to create texts, when you want quite a lot to write, but no time to master the recipe.
Polypropene letters
If you can't decide what font to choose as basic for yourself, view samples of fonts in email programs or on the English site. No restrictions on the use of a particular form of writing today is not, therefore, choose for himself the most interesting and easy writing method, the most important thing is to understand you.

Advice 2 : How to write in cursive

In order to have a beautiful handwriting, it is not necessary to be in possession of some special talent. If you know and follow the rules of good writing in cursive, your handwriting will be smooth and beautiful.
How to write in cursive
You will need
  • - notebook for writing in cursive with slanted lines
  • - convenient ball pen
Sit up straight, keep your back straight, lean on the back of a chair. Place your hands so that the elbows were over the edge of the table and did not touch its surface. Put the front of the notebook so that the bottom right part of the leaf was higher than the left; that is, the leaves will be inclined in relation to the upper part of the table. The slanted lines in the notebook helps to keep a notebook with the letter of the correct position: lines should be perpendicular to the nearest side of the table top. Hold the paper with the left hand. The light should fall on the left.
Take a pen so that it was lying in the middle of the middle finger. Top hold the handle with the forefinger, and the left - great. Much handle do not squeeze. While writing lean on the little finger bent into the palm. Install the arm so that the distance from the index finger to the tip of the rod was approximately 2 centimeters.
For letters, choose not too big and not too short handle. The handle should not be too thin or thick in diameter. The handle should not be of faces, as this creates additional effort when writing. Particularly easy writing pen with gel ink pen.
In the letter, guided by the slanted lines in the notebook - the vertical part of the letter should be parallel. When writing the vertical lines of the letters press the handle stronger, and when writing of the remaining parts of the letters - is weaker.
All letters must be the same height: a capital (large) to have one large height, and lowercase (small) is one less
Useful advice
- when writing try not to hurry
- choose a pen with dark color ink (paste)
"make sure when writing hand rested on the little finger, on the back of the palm
- table and chair should match your growth
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