In the primary documents first written amount numerals indentifying R. and nickels, dollars and cents, euros and cents, etc. Example: 1278 R. 13 kopecks, 1287,46 $ 1256,43 euros. Next, open parenthesis, the recording starts with a capital letter. Fully prescribed R., dollars, euros. In the numerical value remains the penny, the cents and Euro cents. The record closes with a parenthesis. For example: 1256 R. 43 kopecks (One thousand two hundred seventy-eight R. 13 cents), 1287,46 USD (One thousand two hundred eighty-seven dollars 46 cents US), 1256,43 euros (One thousand two hundred fifty-six Euro 43 Euro cents). Notice the part with the expression in p., us dollars, Euro is written in the nominative case.
It is possible to use a method in which the digital value of cents, cents and cents is written only once outside the brackets. Example: 2178 (Two thousand one hundred seventy-eight) R. 43 COP. you can use both full name and abbreviation "R." and "cents", but uniform.
Not exclude such a variant writing of the amount specified, cents, cents, cents to a digital value using a fraction bar with the number 100. For example: "Your debt under contract No. 10035 is 11239,61 (eleven thousand two hundred thirty-nine 61/100) euros.
The use of the genitive in the breakdown of the amount necessary when specifying limits of the amount. For example: "not less than 5 million (Five million) p." "not more than 4000 (Four thousand) euros.