You will need
  • Any grammar reference in the Russian language, for example: Kamynin A. A. Modern Russian language. The morphology (link to the Internet, see below).
Always start to write words a monetary amount or a number of any items in the official document with a capital letter. This is a very fundamental thing, because a document with an error in the design may not accept, for example, in the Bank.
Remember that numbers (i.e., verbal equivalents of numbers), indicating 300 and 400 end in a hundred. Remember that numbers that are multiples one hundred (500 to 900) are always in front part of a hundred compound words the soft sign (-ü-): the fifth-b-SOT, the pole b-SOT, etc.
If you want to decline, i.e. to change the case, then you should know that numbers that are multiples of a hundred, 500 to 900, are inclined, as the word "five hundred" (what? – five hundred; what? – five hundred; (of whom?) what? – five hundred; what? – five hundred; what? – about five hundred).
The General rule of declension of compound numerals lies in the fact that it (multiple cisleithania) must bow every component. For example: 500 649 words in the instrumental case (answers the question "whom?" "what?") will – restucture five hundred thousand forty-nine...
If you need to transfer a large number of different numbers in verbal form, then use some program like "Amount in words - an Outpost of 4.32". But this, of course, is only possible if you have a computer at hand.