You will need
  • Staffing, vacation schedule, calculator, data on paid wages for the last year
Calculate the employee's pay for the last work period.The employer must make the payment of wages for actual waste the time interval from the date of the last salary to the time of dismissal. It is necessary to take into account weekends, sick leave, compensatory time off, absenteeism, and other days (shift), that employee (a specialist) did not appear in the workplace.
Determine the amount of compensation for dismissed employee.The employer will need to calculate the amount of compensation due for the unused compensatory time off and vacation. To calculate this parameter and take into account the seniority of the employee, and the number of unused, but due to vacation days and the amount worked per year days (shifts).
Calculate the severance allowance to the employee.The employer is obliged to pay severance allowanceprovided for by legislative acts. Upon liquidation of the enterprise or downsizing of the organization employer provides severance in the amount of average earnings. The severance allowance must be paid regardless of the terms of employment of the dismissed worker.
Calculate the average monthly earnings of the employee.Additionally, the employer will need to pay an amount equal to the average monthly earnings for the next two after the dismissal of the month or until formal employment.
Add up all the amount received.All payments must be made in the terms established by law, and in particular the labour code and the employment contract concluded with the employee. The timing of the calculation of terminated employee details spelled out in the 140th article of the TC of Russia, and the sum of the output and other benefits is regulated by the 178-article, maybe Russia. Payments can be made all at once or in separate parts according to the labour code.