While reducing employee should make full payment. Compensation for unused vacation days earned by the employee all wages and compensation for a two-month reduction.
Average earnings are calculated based on 12 months that worked at this company. The average earnings amount does not include the charges on social benefits. All premiums, bonuses and incentives you need to make to the total earned amount.
For the average-earnings calculation to add up all the amounts received in the 12 months. Deduct payments of social benefits. The resulting amount is divided by 365. Multiply the result by 30.4. The resulting amount will be paid back in full reduction for one calendar month.
If an employee stood at the register for unemployment within two weeks after cutting and during this period he could not find work on a speciality and to employ, the payment reduction shall be extended for 14 calendar days. That is, the calculated amount of the allowance per calendar month is divided by two and the resulting amount of additional pay to the employee.
While reducing employee who could not work a full calendar year, compensation is calculated from the average earnings of the period actually worked. It may not be below the minimum wage.
All the disputes between the reduced employee and the employer are resolved in court.