A statement on the dismissal, the employee must file for two weeks. With the exception of cases of dismissal in probation and decorated contract for temporary work. In these cases, the application is submitted three days prior to dismissal.
Full cash calculation with the employee is necessary to make regardless of at whose initiative is the dismissal at his own request or at the initiative of the employer.
The payment shall be the amount earned for the current period, compensation for unused vacation days and all the required cash prizes and rewards.
If the employee took leave before prescribed 12 months, then the full amount of overpaid vacation days is subtracted from the total calculationand at dismissal.
Compensation for unused leave should be considered on the basis of average earnings for 12 months, which was the last before the dismissal. Even if the salary was less or more.
All the amounts paid over 12 months, which were assessed insurance premiums, to fold, divided by 12, multiplied by the number of days unused leave to add the earned amount for the current period, the district factor. From the received number take 13% income tax. Amount received to give the employee as the calculation.
If the dismissal occurs at the initiative of the employer for embezzlement of material values, the funds for the shortfall should be deducted from the overall calculation.
If you don't completely waste time before the next holiday, the refund will be calculated based on the average daily earnings is actually earnings, which must be divided by the days actually worked and multiply by the required vacation days.
The employee worked at the company for 11 months, you must pay compensation for leave for the entire year.
If you have worked more than 15 days in the current month, then leave for that month is paid in full. Less than 15 days – vacation days in a given month is not kompensiruet.
Employees who are fired, not after 1 month, the compensation for vacation will not be paid. Those who worked more than a month and dismissed during the probationary period, compensation is calculated from the calculationand 2 days for each month worked.