Compensation for unused vacation should be calculated on the basis of the average wage for the 12 months. If vacation was not used in previous years, when the amount of wages the employee was below, then the calculation shall be the sum of the average earnings of the last 12 months. The amount of time spent on sick leave and the amount of social benefits in the calculation of average earnings for payment of compensation are not included.
For the calculation of average earnings takes the entire earned amount for the 12 months and divided by the number of working days in the calculation period. It turns out the amount in one day to calculate the compensation.
The entire amount of wages for the day of discharge, inclusive, must be calculated based on the average daily rate for last month. This takes the sum of salary, divided by the number of working days in the month and multiplied by the actual number of days worked.
The amount of the regional coefficient and remuneration to be calculated from the time actually worked for the current billing period. For the calculation of necessary amount actually earned for the month multiplied by a percentage factor of the district.
If your company accepted to pay a premium for not a fully-fledged working month, the amount of the award or reward is divided by the number of working days in that month and multiplied by the days actually worked. With all the amount of calculated income tax of 13%.
At the dismissal the employee writes the application addressed to the Director of the enterprise and specifies the reason for the dismissal. The statement signed by the head of the company, a senior inspector of the personnel Department and applies to the accounting for the accrual calculation. The head of the enterprise issued the order about the dismissal. Only after this is full settlement of the employee.