When the normal duration of vacation - 28 calendar days - for each month of work approximately 2.33 day holiday. If the leave due to the employee exceeds these 28 days, respectively, divide the allotted number of vacation days for 12 months and get the number of days of stay for one month is owed.
Then consider how many months it worked. Accordingly, this number is multiplied by the number of days of leave per month. Thus, we get how many vacation days the employee was entitled. This number is multiplied by the value of the average worker's pay on the day.
To calculate what the value of the average worker's pay on the day, sum up his entire annual income (if he worked less than a year - all due). Add to this prize, bonuses, insurance payments depending on which payment from receive from the company in addition to the salary. Divide that number by 12 months and by 29.4 (the average number of days in the month).
Whenmeasures:the employee's Salary was 30000 RUB. He also received an annual bonus - 50000 RUB. in a year, it received:30,000 x 12 + 50000 = 410000 410000 RUB Then divide by 12 and Divide the resulting 34166 RUB 29.4. We get about 1162 RUB so much our employee "receives" a day.This number multiplied by the number of allowed vacation days. The amount, which is obtained after this multiplication will be the amount of compensation.
We should not forget about compensation for unused leave: if the employee takes a vacation or takes it in a smaller size, at the dismissal he shall be paid compensation for unused vacation days. It is calculated the same as basic compensation for unused vacation.