You will need
  • calculator,
  • - computer,
  • data on wages.
Generate the employee's payroll over the last exhaust them of the days of the month prior to dismissal.
The estimated wages, district factor and regional interest premium, edit the section "Notes–calculation", which is called "Calculation of payments", in counts 10 and 11, respectively.
Calculate compensation for unused employee vacation. To do this, you need to calculate the number of days for which on payments. Consider the formula: 36 days / 12 months. x = T, where C is the number of days since the last vacation, T - number of days for which it is reimbursed.
The calculation of daily earnings are based on a formula: A / 12 months / day 29.4 = B ; where a - amount of gross wages for the last 12 months, B - the average daily wage.
The final payment of the compensation produced according to the formula : T x B =, where T is the number of days for which it reimbursed, B - the average daily earnings And the final amount of compensation.
Store the received data in the section "Notes – calculation", which is called "the Calculation of holiday pay" and fill in all relevant columns from the first to the ninth.
The amount of vacation make in the box 12 and summarize the section called "Calculation of payments". To do this, calculate the following indicators : box 10 + box 11 + 12 count = count 13.
Calculate the amount of the tax to incomes of physical persons (13%) on the assessed amount of payment and enter this figure in column 14. If this figure came out with the cents round up to whole number.
Complete index for other deductions, the organization's debt to the worker, but also a duty of the employee to the organization (Graphs 17, 18). If the performance is zero, put a dash.
Calculate the total amount to be paid. In column 19 = column 13 – column 16 = total.
Fill in the details of the accountant, put your signature and date.