First of all, the calculation of compensation for unused vacation days carry out guided by the Labour code. Based on this normative document, we can conclude that it is necessary to calculate the average daily earnings and the calculation period.
Calculate the same billing period. That is, count the number of months for which you can get compensation. If the month is not fully worked out, and the total number of days worked is less than 15, throw him out of employment. In that case, if the employee was forced to be absent from the workplace, for example, in the case of late payment of wages, this period is included in work experience. All of this information you can get from the timesheet.
Determine the amount of gross wages during the above billing period. To do this, use design statements. Add up all the amounts that are subject to tax.
Calculate the average daily earnings. To do this, the amount of accrued salary, divide by 12 (number of months in a year) and then by 29.4 (the average number of calendar days). If the calculation period is less than 12 months, then enter another number.
According to the Russian legislation, for the year the employee is entitled to a leave of 28 calendar days. Thus, for every month he is provided with 28 days/12 months=2.33 days/month. Now determine the appropriate number of vacation days. To do this, of 2.33 and multiply by the number of months in the billing period. For example, 7 months*2.33 days=17 days.
Now the average daily wage, multiply by the number of unused vacation days. The resulting number will be the amount of compensation for dismissal, which must be paid to the employee at the date of termination.