You will need
  • - deep vase with a wide neck or a bucket;
  • - thin paper;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - aspirin;
  • - sugar;
  • - krizal or "White".
Inspect brought from the store roses. Remove them from the packaging and decorative elements. Remove the lower leaves and thorns, cut the stems too long. Make a long cut at an angle of about 45 degrees – this will ensure good nutrition for the flowers.
Fill with water deep container – a bucket or a high vase with a wide neck. Water should not be too cold. Better if she will stand in an open vessel for several hours – so it will evaporate harmful to colours the chlorine.
Carefully wrap the head rose tissue paper. Place the flowers in water so that the stems along with the leaves turned out to be entirely under water. The heads of the flowers should remain on the surface in the water they may rot.
Leave the flowers for a few hours in a cool dark place. The minimum time otpevanie three hours, but if you plan to make roses song, better to leave them in water all night.
Prepare containers for roses. Vase should be scrubbed clean, free of dust and debris inside. Fill them defend, boiled, and better butilirovannoj drinking) water.
In water, add an aspirin for the disinfection of and the prevention of decay. For the nutrition flowers need sugar - 1 tablespoon per litre of water.
Remove the rose from the water, gently shake off the drops loosen the buds from the paper. Update cut flowers, trim stems diagonally with a sharp knife. Immediately place the roses in a vase. It is advisable to under water was not leaves and thorns – they can speed up any water damage. The flowers stood for as long as possible, change the water every day always updating the cut stem.
Instead of sugar and aspirin can be added to the water, a special Supplement to colors – krizal. Pre-dissolve it in accordance with the recommendation on the package. Disinfects well water and regular bleach "White" added in the proportions: 1 cap per bucket of water. These tools allow you to change the water in vases at least – 1 every three days.