How to get on the program

In order to participate in the filming process, you need to fill out a form on the official website of the program stating your name, contact information, registration and the desired time of filming. Once the questionnaire is approved, you will be contacted by the project coordinator and will give all necessary information concerning the shooting. If the date and time will change, you will receive a notification e-mail. The Studio created all the conditions for participation in the program for people with disabilities. If you have a disability or you are an accompanying person must inform the coordinator.
The program was shot "Live healthy!" are held at the address: 127427, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva, 12, Studio 13.

Security measures

At the entrance to the building of the Ostankino television center be sure to have the invitation and the passport. If missing one of these documents, you will not pass beyond the guard post. Shooting in Studio it is forbidden to bring large bags, suitcases and unnecessary backpacks, as well as photographic equipment and video equipment, tablets, mobile phones.

How is the filming process

One day in the Studio shooting 4 transmission "Live healthy!". The first block lasts from 10.00 to 13.30, then, after an hour and a half break for lunch and rest, at 15.00, the second stage of the work. Day ends in 18-19 hours. If you can take part in the filming of only one block, in advance of the coordinator.
All transportation costs were borne by the invited participant of the shooting process. The program does not reimburse the cost of the participant on arrival and return journey.

How to dress

The organizers suggest to dress in the best outfits. Viewers of the program often appear in a frame and the probability that you will show closeup in the whole country, very large. In this case, it is best on the screen looks bright plain clothing. Experts advise to avoid exclusively of black, gray, or white colors, too colorful dresses and blouses with small patterns, short skirts and tank tops, this clothing looks bad on the screen. Another important condition: in the frame should not be visible to the logos of manufacturers of things. In addition, the organizers recommend to bring with you a spare suit, to be able to change for the filming of all four gears.

What gives participation in the program

The audience "Live healthy!" is a unique opportunity to participate in the filming process rating talk-show, to see and understand how to create similar programs. During the transmission sounded interesting facts and figures about health and medicine, is given many useful tips and recommendations. Some of the spectators get an opportunity to undergo a medical examination.