You will need
  • paper;
  • printer;
  • - text editor.
If this is your first contract with a client, it is easiest to assign a sequence number of 1. But we must remember that such clients may be a lot. And if all numbered the same, long and tangled.
Help additional identifiers: acronym based on the name of the partner of the current project, which is dedicated to the contract, and the like.One or more letters usually followed a sequence number of the contract after the hyphen (-). For example, the first contract with company "Horns and hoofs": No. 1-RK.
At constant cooperation the most convenient form of bonding relationship - one contract with automatic renewal each year, which specifies the services provided, their procedure, price and other essential conditions of interaction. In this case, all changes in the contract or descriptions of individual major projects it is advisable to make additional agreements, nods in the right places for certain items of the contract. It is advisable to consider this option at the conclusion of the contract and specify in its text the possibility.When numbering agreements, you can use the same IDs as in the contract, but you can do serial numbers.
Long-term cooperation can be added to the numbering of the agreement year in which it was concluded. For example, 1-2010 and next, and after next year already to start 1-2011, 1-2012, and then next.
The same principles can be used when the numbering of the annexes to the agreement, if any, acts, invoices and other documents.