You will need
  • - the documents proving the identity, - for all family members;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - documents proving the family income.
Check in advance with the list of documents you need for registration renewal monthly allowance. Providing a full package of documents at once, you will be able to save yourself from extra trips to organizations.
The main documents that will be required in any case, it's a reference about family composition and references confirming the income of family members. The document on family composition must be taken to the place of residence, inhabitants of the private sector should provide the house book. If children attend educational institutions, each of them must provide proof from the institution.
Documents to confirm the income of the family must be provided for the three months that precede the month of application for renewal benefits. For working people it's a certificate about salary for the three months preceding treatment. Disabled mothers who have children less than three years must provide a work book or document from the last place of study – this can be a diploma or certificate.
Citizens not employed less than six months, must provide a work book or a certificate from the employment Centre, students information on the amount of the scholarship. Representatives of single-parent families in cases where paternity has been established or the marriage is dissolved, should prepare information on alimony. The same information is required of the guardians. Persons who are self-employed, provide a certificate of registration, a Declaration of income or certificate of income and employment history.
At each appointment, the parent who registers the extension of the benefits, it is necessary to have a passport and savings book or information about the account. If in the course of consideration of the application identifies any additional complexity, employees are entitled to request other supporting documents.