You will need
  • license key windows 7.
To enter a product key, go to the relevant section of the operating system. To do this, go to "start" and right click on "Computer". In the list that appears, select the attribute Properties.
In the new window you will see information about your computer and version of operating system. To go to the product activation, in the bottom of the menu "Activate Windows", click "Activate Windows now".
In the resulting window you will be prompted to choose one of the methods activate the system directly through the Internet or by phone. The most convenient option activation is the first paragraph. A second option is to choose only if you have no working network connection.
Select "Activate Windows over the Internet", enter the product key that is printed on the box with the license disk. If the combination is entered correctly, you will see a message about successful activation.
To receive the code by phone, click "Show me other ways to activate". Then enter your product key on the box with Windows 7 drive. After that, click on the link "Use the automated phone system". In the next window select the country of your stay and will call the phone number on the screen.
For holding the activation follow the instructions answering machine. Automatically you will be prompted to enter the product code that will appear on the screen. The input need to be performed using the phone keypad. If the surgery is done correctly, you will be notified of the activation code which you will need to record or enter in the window of activation. If you enter the code correctly fails, stay on the line to consult with an expert Microsoft tech support.