You will need
  • - portable fridge;
  • paper and pencils;
  • - camera, laptop, printer and paper for printing photographs;
  • for diving;
  • - a tape recorder or player;
  • - tonometer.
Buy in store or make yourself a portable refrigerator. To do this, you just make a box out of plywood and foam, it will be great to keep cool even in extreme heat. Fill it with bottles of ice water and go to the beach, where languishing in the heat, people will certainly immediately buy up your entire supply of water.
If you can draw and know how to portray relatively similar and not very offensive cartoon, start making portraits. Sit in a fairly public place, create a creative way (takes a pen, easel, brooding kind) and find at least the first customer, it can even be your friend. As soon as he starts posing, you will immediately see dozens of others wanting to get his portrait.
If you have a Polaroid camera or a regular digital camera, take photographs of tourists on the beach or in another public place. Clients will be ten times more if you can give people pictures (not everyone will dare to give money to a stranger for the promise to bring the photo the next day), so bring a laptop and printer for printing photos.
Buy a few inexpensive sets for scuba diving. Unwind on the beach and wait for the customers who bring you money for the right to dive with your masks and fins. To reduce financial risks, for example, someone does not return the equipment or break it, take it from every client Deposit.
If you know the basics of diving and have the appropriate certificate, buy a few spare and organize scuba diving courses, on your hobby, you can earn decent money.
Buy a tape recorder and arrange on the beach or waterfront fitness classes. Collect one-time group and, depending on your training and endurance, spend a few sessions for 30 – 45 minutes.
If you have a blood pressure cuff, put on a beautiful white Bathrobe with a big red cross and walk on the beach, offering all those wishing to measure blood pressure. Even if a single measurement to take 10 – 15 roubles a day can go a decent amount, and you will be able to make good money on the beach.
If you can find a common language with children and invent games, beach become a babysitter. The next day on you will know the whole beach, and every parent wants to rest, finally, from their babies, and quietly sunbathe or swim, of course, for little money.