Many people think that the position of counselor is a fun and easy work. It is actually not so. A working day is not normalized, need to get up before the children in the evening to put them to sleep and run at night planning meeting. A huge number of responsibilities not given to sit during the day for a minute. And there's also a huge responsibility for the condition of the children, for their organization.
To counselor special requirements: need to have pedagogical education, unfinished; age should be over 18 years of age; must be able to organize people to come up with a variety of activities. It is not allowed to leave the camps during the day, do not smoke or consume alcohol when children are prohibited from using foul language and be rude to anyone. The salary will be minimal, in rare camps it exceeds the subsistence level.
In large camps usually work in pedagogical teams. They are formed on the basis of major universities, and then call on the centralized area of work. Peditriac is not just a way to get a job, it is an opportunity to learn parenting and working with children. Usually several months are conducted, which tell how to perform the duties, how to interact with kids and behave in different situations. To enroll in the group need even in the winter. To learn about the existence of such an organization is possible at the pedagogical Institute in your city.
To work in the camp without a group. For this you need to contact the human resources Department, to learn about the availability of vacancies. This should be done 2-3 months before the planned trip. Usually a high demand for counselors in the month of June, because at this time the students still pass exams and students have come to rest. Contact the camp you can find on the Internet. Look for options not only in the city but also in other regions. For many people it is an opportunity to relax by the sea without serious costs.
Sometimes jobs counselors are placed on the websites with job offers. Create a resume in advance and display great resources. You can also find special forums that post offers of cooperation from different camps. 'They change every year, there is no single gathering place. But any search engine will provide 2-3 options.
Getting a job counselor, be prepared for difficult living conditions. The camp provides lodging, food for employees. But it might not be as much comfortable as having a rest children. Sometimes in the living room leaders for 16 people. Shower can be one on the floor or be placed on the street. The quality of food is controversial. Try to get a job there, where there was already someone from your acquaintances. Check out the testimonials of not only children, but also of staff, who has lived in a particular area and is familiar with the traditions of the camp.