You should never soak the denim garments in the water if her temperature exceeds 40 degrees, it is necessary to ensure that the jeans weren't in the water more than two hours. For effective soaking is enough 20-30 minutes.

When washing you should not use products with whitening effect. Such tools can make dull buttons and metal rivets, and lighten denim.

The washing does not need to use a washing Board and pressing the product in the washing machine at more than 600 rpm. For washing better to use a brush with soft bristles.

You should never dry the jeans in the sun.

You should not wear jeans which do not dry till the end after washing. If you wear damp jeans, they'll quickly stretch your knees.
If during washing jeans products stained water, there is nothing wrong with the water out excess dye. Black and colored denim products it is best to wash, adding a Laundry water a little vinegar is effective to "revive" the color of the products.

Rinse denim products are recommended first in warm and then in cold water.

On clothesline jeans it is best to hang up, grabbing their clothespins for the belt.

Despite the popular belief that denim products are not need in the treatment of iron, jeans can and should be ironed. If this is done while the product is still wet, jeans will be much softer and better to sit on the figure.