The history of denim

The name of the fabric denim derives from the French countryside called Him. That's where cotton grew, which subsequently began to manufacture durable fabric. Originally denim were sewn uniforms, because the clothes from this fabric was durable and did not wear out. Introduced the fashion for jeans and denim entrepreneurs from the United States – Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. These two men can rightly be called the founders of the fashion denim pants. After a simple work jeans praised American hipsters.
One of the most interesting features of jeans is a funny blur of the dye on the fabric is by using food or chemical dye you can make any (even the most intricate drawing on clothes.

What is denim

Many people think jeans and denim is absolutely identical fabric, only differently called. But in fact it is not. The main difference between the denim – top side of the canvas has a light blue tint (or even blue), and the reverse side is always white. A great advantage of denim is to use only natural materials. Of course, recently in the denim to stretch the threads to wear well against the figure, and stretched. There are two types of denim – American and African. The first fabric has a greater density, durability, rigidity. Of American denim and I often make different uniforms. African denim has bright colors, softness, and, hence, fragility.
It should be noted that American denim is much more expensive, but worn much longer.

How to care for denim

Things denim is quite picky. Such clothes need to be washed separately from other things, as in the wash with lint things you risk to paint the blue pants in weird color or mixing them. It should also be noted that unpleasant quality denim shrinkage. It is therefore better to wash your denim by hand in warm water (40 degrees Celsius). To wash such clothing can be in the washing machine, but in the delicate washing. If you don't know how to take care of just purchased things denim, then look for the special label on the product, where the icons depict recommendations for care.

That sew denim

If you think that denim is made exclusively pants, you're wrong. In addition, you can meet caps, shoes, jackets, dresses, shirts, shorts, and other items from this versatile material. Denim goes well with things from almost any fabric. Cotton, twill, silk, chiffon, Jersey and other fabrics will create the perfect ensemble with the denim!