In this case, come to the aid of several drying methods. But we must remember that the high-speed drying can not be applied too often – it is able to significantly ruin the jeans. The first method for quick drying jeans is to use a Hairdryer. Take a large dry towel, put it on the jeans and roll together with the clothes into a tight tourniquet as hard as you can. If the towel gets wet, take a second and repeat folding and repeat the process. To enhance the effect of sit on top of rolled-up jeans and a towel and sit there for a few moments. After that, take the hair dryer, turn it on high and hold at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from jeans. Blow hot air on wet clothing and dry about one hour.
Use drying jeans with iron. It will dry about two hours, the clothes on the coil battery, in the bathroom, turn the jeans periodically for uniform drying. Then lay your Ironing Board, turn the iron with the steam function and within the hour, ironed jeans before the final drying.
The most effective way to dry jeans is suddenly soaked oven. First check, how clean the oven. Wipe it with a door on each side, and the inner walls of the wardrobe to jeans not smelled the food aromas. After that, heat the oven to its highest temperature and if its function is the mode, activate this mode. Next, open a Cabinet door and put on her jeans, spreading them on the door surface. Leave the door ajar, wait about ten minutes and flip the clothes to the other side. The denser the jeans, the longer they will dry up until an hour or two hours.