Self-check debt. Check all receipts for utility bills, driving fines, tax payments. If you have any debt, pay immediately.
Refer to the bailiffs of local government. In every city there is a duty of the bailiff, which will prompt information on existing debts. In some offices you even place have the opportunity to pay the whole duty, and some part of the debt.
Immediate repayment of all financial obligations, does not give the right to take you to the travel restrictions. You must wait until enforcement proceedings, the documents confirming the withdrawal of temporary restrictions on exit, will be transferred to the border and migration service of the Russian Federation.
If you have a restriction on leaving it to you in writing, were obliged to notify. Remember, a copy of this resolution be sent to the addressee by registered letter.
It is worth considering that debt can cause failure in obtaining a foreign passport.
Remember, the amount and type of debt doesn't matter. Federal law restricts the rights of leaving the Russian Federation, citizens who refuse to meet its financial obligations.