Jeans look worn? Use it – the edges of the pockets and the surface of the pants here and there with a float or a pumice stone. Now do the one pant leg under the pocket cuts, and the other above the knee. Incisions also treated with a grater or pumice. A few movements – and you're holding a fashionable "distressed" jeans.
If you know how to embroider, consider that half the work is already done. Jeans can embroider floss, sequins, beads and beads. Think of a pattern and business. Can be limited to flowers, butterflies or geometric shapes. If embroidery thread, pre-check do not shed.
Buy in-store of goods for needlework a few thermoapplication and glue them to jeans by using a hot iron. Just put on jeans applique face down and apply a hot iron for 30-50 seconds.
Tab at leg decorative pockets or stars of leather or contrasting fabric. Jeans can also be decorated brooch-pins in the form of butterflies or fairies. These pins are sold in stores of goods for needlework.
Love to draw? Get acrylic paint for fabric and get to work. Draw whatever you want: decorate the pockets of an unusual pattern, sign the bottom of the leg, or draw something similar to the Japanese characters on the hips over the knees. You can draw thin or thick brush, as you see fit.
Old jeans you can "cook" throw them in boiling water with salt and chlorine. Simmer for an hour and be ready to get a brand new and trendy thing "boiled" jeans with stains.
Men's jeans can be updated using the camouflage fabric: cut patches or squares and sew on, and worn places. A more complicated version patches of camouflage fabric and iron buttons. Sew patches and secure them with large metal buttons.
To upgrade jeans can Nachev additional pouch pockets, over the old one. Thus you kill two birds with one stone and update your jeans and get rid of the need to carry a bag for the Essentials. Pockets you can do Velcro or a zipper, for a special content safety. Inside pockets panel mantle fabric for protection from the weather.
Old jeans can be decorated with fabric appliques. Just cut from any suitable fabric, the flowers, the sun or the clouds and sew on the sewing machine to shabby. Instead of a fabric tie applique flowers from the remnants of any yarn and sew over the pockets or on the leg. From a separate fabric or knitted applications, you can do an entire composition.