You will need
  • paper;
  • - handle;
  • - self-confidence;
For starters, decide what kind of paper you take with you to the exam for the writing of the text of the ticket. It can be notebook leaves or sheets for the printer. Ask your friends, maybe for that exam decided to write only on those sheets that are issued by examiners. In this case, you will have to pick up the paper, similar to issued. Sometimes it is quite difficult.
Now when the correct paper is chosen, start writing the text of the crib. Select what is important to record. Usually hard to remember any formulas and terms. Do not try to write a long sentence from a textbook, write briefly, so that you could easily restore washed away by the written thesis.
Write a cheat sheet in his normal handwriting, not melchite not zagromozhdaet text. Your task is to make a cheat sheet at a glance it was indistinguishable from the rest of the work.
Depending on the amount of material, or try to fit everything on one or two sheets, either as a group the answers to questions or tickets. If you have some free space on the sheet, and the ticket is already worked out, you better take a new sheet for the next.
To bring cheat sheets to the exam, there is a lot of above. If you are allowed to bring their own paper, then there will not arise any difficulties. If the input control, the lack of personal belongings, and make bags to put in the corner of the audience will have to be smart. A folding crib in the inner jacket pocket or hide under a t-shirt. Consider how best to proceed in this situation.
The process of using Cribs will require you endurance and peace. Don't be nervous, don't try to hide it. Can arouse suspicion of another sheet out of work? The more you are, the greater the likelihood that no one will notice. Yes, and the answer confidence is not hurt, the teachers really appreciate her.