You will need
  • paper, tape, pen, eraser, lots of pockets, calculator
A good crib is the bomb. The bomb is a pre-written response to the ticket. The main thing to guess with which sheets you will write the exam. Teachers sometimes struggle with this kind of Cribs that are painted on all the clean sheets that we give you for the exam. Inventive students either already know the signature of his tutor, or, after sitting for 15 minutes in mind over the signed sheet, slowly remove the bomb and re-write her information on the sheet with the signature. A quarter of an hour from the start of the exam written sheet on the Desk does not attract unnecessary attention of the teacher.
For fans of miniatures a huge help in the writing of cheat sheets will be computer. Typed on it the text can be printed arbitrarily small font, but you would then look at him. Each issue is better to paint on a separate small piece of paper, then a stack of the papers is divided into several parts, hiding in different places. You should remember, write, or come up with a system where you put the tickets in the pockets to frantically dig in all on the line for the exam. This little piece is easy to get lost on your Desk, allowing you to safely overwrite its contents. Then you can crumple it into a ball and quietly disposed of.
Miniature leaflets with answers to questions you can attach a rubber band or tape to the wrist, covering the top sleeve. And to write off more convenient, and easy to hide, but if the teacher still catch you, it's hard to deny it. Often, information or formulas that can be useful in many tickets, write directly on the forearm hands, girls can record important information on the legs, above the knees and cover it rather short skirt.
With the development of modern technology, you can use the phones, iPods, droids and other machinery with the text you Cribs, citing a need calculator, but it is quite obvious to the teacher. Most likely, you will warn you that you use ordinary calculator.