You will need
  • - notebook sheets
  • - a normal pen with a thin tip
  • - pen for writing on all surfaces
  • - piece knitted elastic
  • - double sided tape, chewing gum or plasticine
  • - false nails
  • - e-notebook, similar to the calculator
The simplest crib is an ordinary notebook sheets, each of which is already written the answer for a specific question. Answers ready, place under the clothes so that they don't fall out when walking and you knew roughly what the stack of sheets to look for the answer to the question. When you took a blank sheet for your records, sits down at his Desk to prepare a response for the ticket, wait a moment when the teacher turns his back. At this time, remove the crib, just put it on top of a clean sheet.
To not be afraid that the crib of considerable size, hidden in the clothes will be visible to others, you can make a tips safely fit under the strap, palm or under the cuffs of his shirt. Make notes like, writing necessary information in a very small close print print on pre-prepared slips of paper with a width of 0.5 to 1 cm and a length of from 3 to 6 inches. You can also write important information on the columns on paper of large size, and then folded it like an accordion between the columns tips.
Small in size Cribs to allow their instant disappearance out of your hands, attach the rubber band to secure it with a stapler together with the notes. Such device will help remove from your hands all supporting materials as soon as you release the note, tied stretch lace in hand, located in long sleeve.
If you fear that the paper tip can appear on the exam, write the necessary information directly on your skin. To do this, take a pen with thin writing tip, permanent water and suitable for writing on all surfaces. Apply the required information on the back side of the palm, the finger pads, the surface of the hand above the wrist, on the part of the legs, cover short skirt. Such Cribs are not lost and unseen by the teacher will help you out in a crucial moment.
False nails can serve as not only decoration, but also the "box" for the Cribs. For the manufacture of such tips pen writing on all surfaces, make necessary records directly on your own nails. Then use a piece of clay, chewing gum or double-sided tape, attach the false nails on top of the Cribs. To the exam to use a hint, you only need to quietly peel off the plastic pickguard and look at the records on the nail plate.
On exams, where calculations need a calculator, you can turn this computational tool in his assistant. For this in the store, pick up the notebook, it looks like a calculator. Then make this device the answers to the questions of the ticket. In the exam. pretending. use the calculator, view the records and rewrite them on a sheet to prepare to answer.
If you have an exam where you can use dictionaries, reference books and other additional literature, then just put a small crib in between the pages of the book and use them when needed. Additional reading literature on the topic of the leased object will not cause any suspicion from the examiner.