You will need
  • the Internet or library, computer, printer, paper, pen
First, clearly define the boundaries of the topic on which you will do a memo. It should be dedicated strictly to a particular phenomenon and do not relate to extraneous things.
Using the Internet or the library, gather information and data needed for the memo. Verify their authenticity and modernity. If the material makes you doubt and check it is not possible, better not to include such information in the memo. From the remaining information, select what is most suitable for theme.
Process the selected information. Try to minimize them, discarding all unimportant. The information that remains, try to set out on the draft clear, succinct and short phrases to remember. Reducing offers, ensure that they have not lost their meaning. If you can't do that, break the long sentence into several short.
Consider the text of the appeal to the reader. You should not indulge in long arguments about the benefits of your work, it is sufficient to indicate the relevance of this topic and the reasons prompted to write this memo.
Determine the color scheme memo. Do not cover very bright, can even make it in black and white. Page is advisable to leave white. If you really want - use a pale color (pale pink, pale green, etc.) that the text is clearly visible. For variety, add on the frame pages or photos on the subject of the memo.
Outlined in the memo prepared information. On the cover in large letters, write the title. On the first page, place the introduction, or appeal to the reader. In the following pages consistently and in an accessible form outline you have prepared on the subject of the memo information. If necessary, add diagrams or pictures concerning a phenomenon, which is dedicated to the memo.