You will need
  • - certificate of registration of ownership of the share;
  • - extract from the house register;
  • - the cadastral passport;
  • permission of the guardianship;
  • - passports of participants of the transaction;
  • - the contract of donation.
Prepare a package of documents, proving your ownership share in the apartment. You will need the registration certificate of ownership, extract from the house register of the property, which is share. You want to include in the documents the original and a copy of the cadastral passport. If the owner is married, attach a notarized statement of the spouse (spouse) that he or she has no objection to transfer the share to another person. Will also need documents certifying the identity of the parties to the contract.
Make an agreement about the proportion of the donation. A sample of this document can be obtained from the Federal service of state registration in your area. If the training contract is causing you trouble, seek help from a qualified lawyer. In the contract or its Annex will reflect, how do you assess the percentage of real estate is subject to donation and specify who will pay for the deal.
Get legal advice if the deed of gift are you going to make a person who need control of bodies of guardianship and guardianship. In particular, for the donation of the apartment share a minor requires the consent of these bodies. When making the donation contract, all parties to the transaction should be viable.
If you are going to rewrite a share in the apartment, which is still subject to a mortgage, obtain the consent of the Bank. In the absence of documentary consent of the creditor, the contract of donation will be invalid.
The written contract will be issued in the presence of a notary. Notarization of the contract of donation required by the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Before signing the document again, carefully read its contents, find a notary, those aspects of the transaction, which are essential for you value. Agreement register in the Federal registration service for the area where the apartment is located, which contains the share, be giving.