Find out whether you need to pay income tax at the rate of 13%. If you have owned your shares in the apartment for more than three years, you are fully exempt from the payment of such amount. In the case where your title came late, you may not pay tax at all if the cost of shares in housing did not exceed one million rubles. Otherwise, you'll need to make the tax cases in the amount of 13% of the amount resulting from subtracting one million from the value of the shares.
Contact the tax authority at the place of residence, even if you are exempt from paying tax. On the spot write a statement which will notify the reasons for granting you tax benefits. To submit a paper should be not later than may 1 of the year following the date of the sale of shares.
Submit a tax return based on your benefits to taxation. A copy of the Declaration, as well as special programs for automatic filling you can download on the website of the Federal tax service. In addition to filing the written form exists and the possibility of filling on the Internet. To do this, register on the portal "public Services". Log in to your personal account and create a tax return online. If she passed the approval of regulatory authorities, come to the tax office in person and sign already the paper copy of the Declaration. This way you will be able to save time completing paperwork.
Get in the service tax details and information about how much money you will need to pay. This applies to those who owned shares in an expensive apartment less than three years. Specify the terms of payment of taxes. If you don't abide by them, you can assign a fine. Save the receipt for payment of the tax. It will be proof that you have made all the calculations at the right time.