Among the variety of ticks, the most dangerous to health and sometimes the life of a person recognized by the Ixodes tick. He is the carrier of the encephalitis virus, which affects the Central nervous system and in most cases leads to disability. The disease develops rapidly and is manifested by a sudden weakness, aches throughout the body, fatigue, severe headache and muscle pain, numbness of limbs, neck muscles, neck and shoulder, and nausea, vomiting and photophobia. To these symptoms quickly joins meningeal syndrome, manifested by convulsions, twitching of individual groups of muscles, delirium or even loss of consciousness.

It is worth noting that not every Ixodes tick capable of inflicting serious injury, because this insect is only a reservoir for the virus that it is infected when sucking blood from sick animals and rodents. And since not all areas of the country are rich in this infection, the tick may be healthy. In the area of risk are residents of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. But the risk of Contracting tick another unpleasant disease - borreliosis, or Lyme disease. And it is much more common than encephalitis.

Lyme disease dangerous invisibility of the process and the late manifestation of the effects. The defeat of the joints, heart, skin and can even occur several years after the tick bite. The first symptoms of infection manifested by malaise, fever, skin rash, and inflammation of the joints and the facial nerve. Depending on the resistance process may subside, but can become chronic.

To avoid tick bites or is infected with a dangerous virus, is to apply preventive measures, for example, to vaccinate or regularly inspect yourself after being surrounded by greenery. If camping was marred by the discovery of the tick, not in a hurry to tear it from the skin, because it can be removed completely. Better reel to match the wool, wet it in oil (in the extreme case in water) and circular vykruchivatsya movements try to separate it, then place it in a safe place and on the same day to deliver to the lab. In the case of the tick threat of the virus of encephalitis or other infection early treatment and strengthen the body immunomodulatorami will help to resist disease.