If you came back from a walk and found his body stuck tick, the correct action would be to go to the hospital. There you will remove the parasite and send it to the laboratory tests that will help figure out the tick is a vector or not.

If you find a tick on the body of the child go immediately to the infectious Department of the hospital where the baby will remove the tick and put an injection of immunoglobulin.

Often there are situations when seeking help from professionals is not possible. For example, if you are in a forest or far from the city in the country, to remove the parasite yourself. The delay in this case is unacceptable. The probability of getting an infectious disease depends on the time during which the tick was in your skin.

Before the removal procedure wipe around the stuck tick in alcohol-containing liquid. Suitable alcohol, vodka, Cologne, toilet water, or at least iodine, brilliant green. A strong silk or woollen thread of the tie as close as possible to the proboscis of the parasite, shaking movements gently pull the tick upwards. If the proboscis was left in the skin, remove it with a needle, treated over a flame. Recoat the affected area, place the tick in a clean glass container, thoroughly wash hands and treat with alcohol-containing liquids.

Then your actions should be directed to immediately consult a doctor. The yodanthipirina, immunoglobulin rationally be put only in the first three days after a tick bite. If during this period you have not managed to take all measures not to get sick, an infectious disease, you will only have to observe the state of his health.

Blood tests for infection can be carried out only after 10 days. In earlier periods, the test will show false results.