You will need
  • - agreement on provision of services;
  • - payment receipt.
Before making a claim, reread the agreement concluded with the company. If the Manager promised you a spacious room, whose Windows overlook the sea, while the bedroom is equipped with air conditioning, but the document about it not a word, then complain to you, in fact, no matter what. Therefore, concluding the contract on rendering of tourist services, read carefully the offer documents. If some items are unclear to you, ask for a copy with you and consult with a lawyer.
If the documents you are right, try to resolve the conflict directly with the hotel and the representative of the travel Agency. Had no effect – Express your dissatisfaction in writing and demand that the administration indicates that they are familiar with the claims. If necessary, locate witnesses, your countrymen at home will be able to confirm your words.
Possible take pictures of violations. The fly in the soup, torn sheets in the claimed five-star hotel, dirty beach – these pictures will be a good argument in a dispute with a travel Agency.
Return home, do not delay it indefinitely. Collect the documents and go to the travel Agency to Express their complaint. Typically, companies that value their name, do not want to bring the case to court. Most likely, you will be offered a refund.
If you do not come to a mutually beneficial agreement, you have the right to apply to the Ministry of sport and tourism, the Society of consumer protection or to court. For judicial proceedings, you will need a contract for the provision of services receipt confirming the transfer of your money to the travel Agency, and as much evidence supporting your case: receipts, tickets, pictures.