If it happened to say that you are worried is pointless, because to survive you will still and your pain will be strong. Try only to this period is not delayed. If you get depressed and start feeling sorry for yourself, it can take a long time. Suffered a bit, and then ask yourself a simple question that will begin not with "what For?" and "Why?" and with the words "Why?".
If you think well, it turns out that betrayal – again. If it were not for the good that you gave the traitor – love, friendship, trust, this person could not betray you. Tell yourself that you just didn't recognize the traitor and a bad judge of character. Tell destiny thank you for that gave you a lesson and warned for the next time. Think about what you have become stronger and wiser.
Do not expect that the person who betrayed you Wake up the conscience, and he sincerely repents, it is not there and she can't Wake up. In any case, the betrayal is made consciously. If this man is not an idiot, he understands what it's despicable, but probably is for her excuse. Similarly, it will arrive and then, looking for new reasons for their villainy. Take note of this, and if does not happen, stop communication with him, more don't step on the same rake and stay away from him.
But your wisdom lies in the fact that from now on, not be attributed to potential traitors of all other people. Starting communication with the man, believe him unconditionally, but don't get yourself a loyal and flattering friends, don't surround yourself with sycophants, gain immunity to the delight and admiration of his persona. Believing friends, partners or relatives, you can of course once again faced with some nasty, but it's better than to live the rest of my life not trusting anyone.
The openness of your new friend are going to betray the trust, will ease and will make the betrayal or deception almost immediately, so to survive you can safely, same as remove in time from this "friend." That's such a bitter but useful lesson can be learned from the fact that you betrayed a loved one.