You lied for a long time and now it's time to tell the truth? You will not envy. Very difficult to decide to tell the truthwhen a lie was the only solution and best solution in some situations. But if you're tired of running and ready to open man's eyes to the real situation, then half the work is already done. Calm down and prepare yourself for the negative reaction of the interlocutor; honesty sometimes brings people a strong emotional pain.
The harsh truth can cause not just a negative reaction, but a storm of emotions. So be prepared for anything. A man can climb into the fray and starts swinging with his fists, the woman is to cry or have a tantrum. Do not say "Calm down", "Stop crying", "don't worry" - these words will freak out anyone, if people are already on edge. Wait for a while. Don't try to say something in his defense, the man always need a few minutes to recover after his shocking news. Hope for a constructive dialogue at this time is simply unreasonable – you won't hear not because I don't want to, but because negative emotions are whipped over the edge.
After the source comes to, primary stress will subside, you can continue the conversation. Do not put pressure on the sore spot and constantly repeat the story of his deceit. Let's talk about what prompted you to do so. Explain what circumstances was the cause of it. No wonder there is such a thing as a "white lie". Then let man understand that despite the current mutually unpleasant situation, he will continue to roads, you are going to betray him or break him. I sincerely apologize for your transgression and try not to cause more pain to a loved one.