Collect all documents confirming the fact that money has been assigned to another person or organization illegally. This can be invoices, receipts, contracts, etc. Find out whether you have "companions in misfortune". Collective statements of fraud are accepted more readily and are considered faster.
If you were, for example, the rendered services in full, you will also need proof of this. You will first need to verify the account, payable to you upon delivery of services, with price list of the company involved in this. Second, you must have the warranty (a contract, etc.) indicating that the person or organization responsible for the quality of their provision, and the forms that responsibility. Third, you definitely will need to provide to the police or crimes of receipts confirming the receipt of money by the scammers with their signature.
If you do not return on demand your deposits, has not sent the ordered goods, will apply to the police, the Prosecutor's office or economic crimes. Law enforcement and supervision departments will check your appeal. If the information provided by you is confirmed, the next step is to check the activities of companies engaged in the misrepresentation of citizens.
If you have ordered goods through the Internet and transferred to persons unknown amount from the electronic purse, please contact first the support service, money remittance. Provide copies of all existing documents (order forms, correspondence, proof of payments). After the payments will be tracked, or you will return at once the money, or block the account of the fraud and submit the case to the economic crimes.
With a collective complaint against actions of persons or organization engaged in fraud, you can immediately go to court. The criminals will do the FSSP, and you will just have to wait until the criminals will be caught.
In most cases, you will be able to recover their money only by court order. However, if you were able to meet with the scammers before the submission of the application to law enforcement agencies or Supervisory bodies ask to return your money, and in case of failure, immediately call the police.